Press Release

October 17, 2017

Have you ever thought, “I would love it if I didn’t have to pay for my slip and other expenses on my vessel this month”? Well unfortunately you still have to pay those fees but there is a new website that can help you offset those costs by helping you make money with your vessel. www.BYRBO.com  (Boat Yacht Rental By Owner) is a new site you can list your boat on for free to find people who want to rent your vessel. www.BYRBO.com was the brain child of Sam Lam and Hugo Valldejuli, two long time tech entrepreneurs with a passion for boats and yachts. Sam and Hugo recognized the possibility of renting out vessels as hotel rooms after reading an article about the shortage of hotel rooms during the last Super Bowl in San Francisco. The article highlighted yacht owners who took advantage and garnered anywhere between a thousand per night to ten thousand a night. 

www.BYRBO.com offers 3 ways for you to list your vessel to make money. 

The first and primary focus is where you list your vessel as a hotel room while it is at the dock.  Lots of people would love to stay on a boat or yacht vs. a hotel. Most people try to get a hotel room with an ocean view when on the coast or a water view at the lake.  Let’s agree there is no better view of the water than when you are on it. By renting your vessel out as a hotel room, you can help offset your monthly costs of boat or yacht ownership by charging a few hundred dollars a night or more.  www.BYRBO.com is the Airbnb of the boating and yachting world. 

The second way is for you to list your vessel, anything from Jet Skis, sail boats, fishing boats, or runabouts, as a self-captained day tripper vessel. You can rent out your vessel by hour or by the day. This is a great way to keep your vessel running and to make some money. 

The third way is listing your vessel as a traditional charter. These charters usually are captained and mostly crewed. Examples of a traditional charter is a half or all-day fishing charter, a sightseeing tour, a dive trip, or single or multi day cruising. 

www.BYRBO.com is currently launching and looking for new listings. The sales manager, Michael Montes, says right now, they are offering the first five bookings for free. You just pay the 3% credit card fee. Michael says as a new site, they are working hard to generate bookings by doing advertising for each and every listing individually. He says the startup is well funded and will be able to quickly generate bookings. 

Michael is the former owner of several boats and yachts and says if this was around when he had his last large water vessel, he would still have it. Since the expense of owning a vessel can be heavy, he says that if he could have made money from it while it just sat there in the marina, he might even have owned more than one. Michael says his broker friends are loving the idea of renting vessels out as hotel rooms so much that they are incorporating the prospect of extra income from a vessel by using www.BYRBO.com in their sales presentations as another angle for the buyer to consider when purchasing a boat or yacht, much like realtors do when presenting a vacation property to a buyer. 

Michael says since the owners have the right to accept or decline any booking, the control is totally left to the owners as to when and to whom they rent their vessel to. This allows the owners to have the security of knowing they interviewed the renter and are confident in the renter and rental term.

Michael is thrilled that so many marina managers are looking at this site as a way for the marinas to make extra money by managing the listings for a commission. Today, budgets are tight and marinas need to find ways to increase revenue with the resources they have without raising slip fees. Several marina managers realize they have an entire, on-the-water hotel with these vessels just sitting there unused month after month. This is a great way for both the boat owner to offset, at the minimum, the monthly cost of the slip and allow the marina to increase their revenue stream. 

You can visit the website for more details at www.BYRBO.com or call Michael Montes directly at (949) 683-0498.